Yoga Classes I Teach in Bury St. Edmunds

Mixed Ability Yoga Flow - in Bury St. Edmunds  - Thursdays 6pm - 7pm, Anselm Community Centre

£42 for 6 sessions, to be used over 9 weeks. Some pay as you go places may be available each week at £7.50 

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This mixed ability class is tailored to achieve overall body strength, tone, increased flexibility, promotion of more energy and reduced stress levels. We work closely with body alignment and end with meditation and relaxation, covering different postures each week (ananas) which flow into each other. The class is designed to offer lower and harder options to accommodate all levels, however this class has a dynamic flowing feel  with emphasise on the core. Attendees must be able to get up and down from the floor with ease. 

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga in Bury St Edmunds - Thursdays at the Anselm Community Centre 
In person (7:20pm - 8:45pm) £66 for 6 consecutive sessions
Online    (7:35pm - 8:35pm) drop in £6.50
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* Access to members section of my website giving access to home practise videos, relaxation recordings and pdf's for pregnancy, birth ad beyond ​

* Pay as you go in person places may be available for mums near their due dates.

I am a Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth preparation teacher. In my classes you will learn active birth and breathing techniques as well as relaxation methods to help you through birth whatever the journey. Each week we learn adapted yoga poses to help alleviate certain discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, PGP, Sciatica etc as well as prepare you for birth – Read more

Postnatal and Baby Yoga in Bury St Edmunds - Tuesdays | Term Time 1pm - 2pm at the Anselm Community Centre

Starting 7th September 

My postnatal Yoga sessions are tailored to invoke the perfect mix of yoga movement, mindfulness, relaxation, pelvic floor, and core exercises. It’s a lovely way to help new mums relax, recharge, strengthen and promote a sense of wellbeing in body and mind.


This class is suitable from when you have the okay to exercise again from a GP and you are feeling ready. You do not need to have done yoga before to attend this class.

This class is a 50/50 mix of yoga for mum and baby, we do share the yoga with the gorgeous babies to help them stay settled when needed. Practicing yoga moves with baby can help strengthen the mother baby bond as well as help with colic and motor skill development. 

This term we will be inviting our option to enjoy a nice cuppa and snack after class. 

Restorative Yoga Currently not running, check back later in the year for future classes.