Alison's Birth Story

I started going to Gemma's yoga class from 14 weeks until I 34 weeks when lockdown happened. I suffered from lower back pain and PGP from early on in my pregnancy and yoga helped me to keep Mobile and to prevent it from becoming worse. Gemma also provided me with information about PGP and how the pelvis and muscles change during pregnancy and this knowledge helped me to look after my pelvis during and after pregnancy.


I had a long parent phase of labour starting on Sunday evening with contractions every 30 mins. These then increased to every 3-7 mins from Monday morning and continued day and night until Wednesday morning. I found the yoga poses and positions particularly helpful during this stage to work through each contraction. The hip circling on all fours, using the stairs and yoga blocks to get in comfortable positions and the breathing techniques all helped me manage the pain. I also found the relaxation positions we had practiced in yoga so helpful to relax in between contractions. Because we had practiced them each week, I knew how to get comfy quickly and to make the most of the time between contractions. By the time I got to the hospital on Wednesday morning I was already 8cm dilated. During labour, I remembered to continue hip circling during contractions and continue the slow breath and to not panic. 6.5hours later my gorgeous baby boy arrived and we had a complication free, pain relief and medication free birth which was just incredible! I had a couple of stitches but was them allowed to go home that evening. 


Since birth my PGP has hugely improved and I still use a lot of the yoga poses we practiced gently stretch and strengthen, especially after breast feeding! 


I just wanted to say thank you for all your support throughout my pregnancy. Thursday nights were always my favourite and even when it was cold and dark out I’d had a horrible week, I’d always leave feeling positive and glad I came. You were such a positive influence on my pregnancy and I’m almost certain that my birth experience would have been completely different if I hadn’t been attending classes.

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