Local links and information to support your Yoga practice

Some useful information, resources, websites and therapists i have come to know along my way.


Lily's Holistics - Janice 07577 594 432

With 23 years experience in reflexology and Massage therapies for stress and aches and pains 


Better Birth and Baby-www.betterbirthandbaby.co.uk

Debbie Willis runs a popular Hypnobirthing workshop. Hypnobirthing  is a very  effective method that teaches you and your birth partner powerful techniques for a calm and relaxed birth. he Better Birth & Baby course is an affordable one-day group workshop for you and your birth partner. Debbie also runs positive birth meet ups once a month in bury st. edmunds.


Tiddlers Yoga - www.tiddlers.org.uk

Continue your birthlight journey with Georgie Head - Massage & Yoga for Bouncing Babies to Playful Preschoolers and beyond.  An opportunity to play and exercise with your little person encouraging development and communication.
Georgie also offers baby massage classes - through loving touch, sooth, stimulate, relax and communicate with your baby.

At the end of each session, both parents and infants are given the opportunity to wind down and relax; essential for re-energising the body and enjoying simply 'being' with baby. Classes are always baby-led; ensuring that the needs of the babies come first; feeding, changing and even sleeping in the class is fine!

Awe and Wonder - www.awe-wonder.co.uk
This class offers high quality baby massage and sensory play providing an enriching environment for learning through play.  'Awe & Wonder'  was founded with love, passion and dedication so that your precious maternity leave together is full of cherished memories.

Natalie Garden - www.nataliegarden.co.uk

Natalie is a clinical aromatherapist and holistic massage practitioner based in
Bury-St-Edmunds who specialises in pregnancy massage and sacral massage as well as aromatherapy for pregnancy. She sees a broad range of clients of all ages, from people experiencing specific health conditions to those seeking to improve and maintain overall wellbeing.

She also makes hand-made bespoke skincare products and remedies, and create beautiful aromatherapy perfumes to uplift, balance and awaken the senses.