Postnatal Yoga Bury St. Edmunds | Mum and Baby Yoga
Suitable from 8 weeks after birth till crawling 

I am no longer running postnatal and baby yoga, classes can now be booked with Emma Phillip from Quietspace Yoga. 

I highly recommend her classes and have fond memories attending her classes with my children

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Motherhood is a forever changing journey!

When I first became a new Mum, I found many fun baby groups available to me but none that focused much on ME (a happy mum is a happy home and baby). After I gave birth to my first born I received excellent postnatal care by my local midwives, they were the best. However, the only longer term postnatal care and advice was in a form of a leaflet containing pelvic floor exercises.

Shortly after, my desire to support motherhood and wellbeing awareness grew and I embarked upon both mother and baby and postnatal yoga teacher training. Both trainings made me realise how much we neglect postnatal recovery within our culture both in body and mind!  

This class is a 50/50 mix of yoga for mum and baby. The postnatal Yoga I teach is tailored to invoke the perfect mix of yoga movement, mindfulness, relaxation, pelvic floor, and core exercises. It’s a lovely way to help new mums relax, recharge, strengthen and promote a sense of wellbeing in body and mind. This class is suitable from when you have the okay to exercise again from a GP and you are feeling ready. You do not need to have done yoga before to attend this class. 


Through-out the session I incorporate yoga for your baby, through gentle baby led yoga moves and massage delivered through nursery rhymes and song. Practicing yoga with your baby help's strengthen bonding, motor skill development and soothes unsettlement, as well as helping babies' digestion and colic.

Classes are approx. 50- 60 mins long, with time to enjoy a cuppa and snack afterwards.

New mum feedback

From a new Mum that attended
my 1-2-1 sessions

Postnatal Yoga Classes

Mum and Baby Yoga
in Bury St Edmunds

Tuesdays  1pm
Anselm Community


Suitable from 8 weeks after birth
till crawling 

After GP check and when you really feel ready!

* Suitable from when you have the okay to exercise again from a GP and you are feeling ready. You do not need to have done yoga before to attend this class. (please do have a friendly chat to me if you have any concerns)
*Please bring your own mat, small cushion or blanket to lie baby and a scarf and blanket for you. If you need help sourcing please get in touch

* Class numbers are capped to ensure personal teaching.