A little about my Yoga journey

I teach Hatha Flow Yoga to all levels, as well as Restorative, Pregnancy, Birth Preparation, Postnatal and Baby Yoga. Holding Yoga teaching qualifications with Zenways School of  Yoga and Birthlight, ensures safe teaching. I am registered with the Independent Yoga Network.

Yoga first found me around 16 years ago and I have teaching for just over 7 years. In addition to this I also spent time in an Indian Ashram in 2007, one of the homes of Yoga. 
Whilst at a bit of a cross road in my life i decided to bark upon a teacher training course, at first not necessarily to teach but to understand ways to help combat stress in my life and to give me direction. This later blossomed into the need to share this wonderful practice. 
Shortly falling pregnant in 2013 I soon fell in love with the how my yoga 'tools' helped support my pregnancy and birth and early motherhood, a time where i would say i needed the Yoga the most. This is where my passion grew for holding yoga classes to support women during this time.

I am very lucky to be taught by various great teachers such as Daizan Skinner Roshi who is the founder of Zenways who taught me to become a Yoga teacher giving me the tools to develop a deeper understanding of Zen and Hatha Yoga, combining meditation and the physical elements of posture, alignment, flexibility and strength whilst unblocking and freeing up energy (ki) in a mindful, non-judgemental way.

I have also trained with Birthlight tutors  Sally Lomas and Kirsteen Ruffle and François Freedman (founder of Birthlight)  who  guided me through my Prenatal, Postnatal and Baby Yoga training.  

I was pregnant at the time of these diplomas and feel very fortunate that this wonderful opportunity came to me to offer safe yoga and birth preparation to pregnant ladies, but to also guide me through my own practice helping me find freedom in movement, combat my PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and have two positive birthing experiences.

I teach with enthusiasm and and love to see blossoming yoga practitioners on the mat. In-between looking after my two beautiful children I enjoy spending time with friends and family and being on my allotment! I am always on the look out to attend Yoga workshops or new courses whilst also working freelance in the world of graphics and marketing.


Namaste - Thank you

Pregnancy Yoga with gemma Bury St. Edmun